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OSI is headquartered in Houston and has been operating and managing ships since 1981. The company offers management experience with marine engineering and operational excellence. OSI’s Quality Management System is certified by ABS Quality Evaluations and our Safety Management System is certified by the American Bureau of Shipping.

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System
ISM Safety Management System
MTSA/ISPS Shipboard Security System

U.S. Government Approved processes and procedures include Purchasing and Procurement, Accounting Systems, and Property Management. Shipboard officers and crews are trained and certified under ABS and U.S. Coast Guard Regulations including STCW standards for training, certification and watch standing. Oil Spill Response Plans are in compliance with the USCG requirements under OPA90. Regulatory compliance is routinely verified by Internal Audits conducted by trained and certified OSI auditors. Oil tanker inspections and vettings under OCIMF standards are consistently successful.

The ship management services by Ocean Shipholdings, Inc. cover all aspects of vessel performance, focusing on safe and environmentally sound operations, high quality maintenance programs and achieving customer goals. The company is also involved in the design, construction, financing and operations of a wide range of vessel types across the globe. Crewing is a major component of vessel management, and OSI employs a stringent recruitment process to ensure that it supplies no less than top caliber manpower. Client satisfaction is a main objective for OSI's ship management operations, and so it continually devises and implements methods of ensuring that its services are in line with client objectives. Interested parties, whether in need of ship management services for a single ship or a whole fleet, may contact the company for more information. OSI is backed by over almost three decades of experience in marine operations and vessel management. 

Elite marine operations work is dependent not only on the advanced facilities and tools used, but also on the efforts of dozens of hardworking men and women. Their focused effort equates to efficient and effective work, and for faster, optimized operations that in turn lead to better results. This is the kind of dedication we at Ocean Shipholdings, Inc. pledge to each and every one of our clients. Having served high-profile clients such as some of the world's biggest oil companies, as well as the United States Navy and the United States Maritime Administration, Ocean Shipholdings, Inc. continues to strive to deliver competitive vessel management for their clients the world over. Our experienced and dedicated crews provide services that are certain to raise the efficiency and the effectiveness of any fleet. Founded in 1981, the company prides itself in being one of the best marine operations management firms in the country. We take pride in the fact that our customers trust us to deliver every time.

Please contact the company to learn more about our Quality, Safety and Environmental performance capabilities. Click here for our Terms & Conditions.

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