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Marine operations are services offered to various companies that require the use of large ships. Marine operations could be various industries, from charter services to fishing; however, most marine operations have to do with the transportation of large quantities of oil, such as through an oil tanker. There’s little question that transporting massive amounts of oil across the ocean is a major risk and requires some very efficient ship management.

Marine operations are closely supervised, not only for the safety of the crew, but also to avoid any potentially disastrous oil spills. However, a company offering marine operations cannot be content with just the safe transportation of these materials. Marine operations must also be time-efficient in the eyes of the client, because time is always money!

Additionally, vital marine operations involve more services than just transportation. Marine operations may also encompass the repair of oil tankers and the maintenance of such massive ships. Most marine operations companies are prepared to fulfill any client request, even if that means building an oil tanker (or similar vessel) from scratch! Think of marine operations as a turnkey business model, adaptable to the client and offering all services involved in marine operations at sea.

If you are looking for a company that deals exclusively in quality marine operations, and all related fields, then consider Ocean Ship Holdings ( Since 1981, this Ocean Ship Holdings has been one of the most trusted names in marine operations services. They have worked with the federal government as well as various international organizations to ensure the safest transportation and construction possible. The Houston-based company Ocean Ship Holdings continues to uphold the highest standards of organizations such as Classification Society Rules and Shipboard Security. If you require assistance in marine operations then let Ocean Ship Holdings help you reach your destination.

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