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Tanker operations involve oil tankers, those massive ships that can reach up to 650,000 tons. While not every oil tanker is that big, the transportation of oil is always an imperative issue. The materials transported can be hazardous to the environment if the ship were ever to meet with disaster. It’s no wonder that the federal government as well as other international organizations closely supervise tanker operations. Tanker operations companies certainly have a challenging assignment: to safely assume tanker operations and transport tons of oil across the ocean—but to do so as quickly as possible!

However, companies providing quality tanker operations do more than just transport oil. Tanker operations involve repair of oil tanker vessels and the regular maintenance of such ships. A company may be called upon to develop a new vessel design based upon the specific needs of a client. Tanker operations also include handling crews and ensuring the highest standards in safety procedures. Finally yet importantly, tanker operations may also include the real estate side of oil tankers. A tanker operations company may play broker to buyers and sellers who are looking for tanker operations in one form or another.

Tanker operations can be as extravagant or as simple as you need. If you have a million dollar budget and the need for some major planning in vital tanker operations then Ocean Ship Holdings can help you. On the other hand, if you are a small company and have only a limited budget to give to tanker operations Ocean Ship Holdings can still plan a solution that will fit your needs. Ocean Ship Holdings has been working in tanker operations since 1981 and consistently meets with the standard of the federal government for safe and efficient transportation. Find out how the company can help meet all of your marine needs.

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