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Marine operations require constant review of policies and procedures to ensure your business is within legal boundaries and codes. Businesses that provide these services offer the ability for you to focus on more important daily operations. Safety education and compliance can also be an issue in ocean transport. Constant changes in laws and safety requirements are monitored and implemented by marine professionals.

OSHA requirements continue to become more stringent, and it’s important to keep your crews current on training and education. Logistics, staffing, maintenance and repair, and project management are also available. When your business does not require the direct use of your vessel, a management company may also offer leasing or chartering services. This allows your massive investment to become a source of secondary income when not used for daily business operations.

You may also need to lease a vessel for a project versus purchase one. Businesses specializing in marine operations may also find you the proper ship for your required use.

Shipping and Vessel Management
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