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Ocean logistics refer to the processes of planning, implementing and controlling various factors related to marine operations. Marine operations see the handling of ships in sea or ocean territory. Some ships are relatively small, whereas some oil tankers weigh hundreds of thousands of tons. Because transporting oil as well as living crewmembers such far distances can be very dangerous, many strict safety regulations are required onboard ships.

Companies that provide ocean logistics may focus on one aspect of marine operations or may offer a turnkey solution to clients, taking care of the entire process. In this case, quality ocean logistics would encompass everything from the developing and planning of large ships to the hiring of crew, to implementing safety and quality control programs. Ocean logistics could also involve repairing or performing maintenance on large ships.

The term ocean logistics favors the turnkey style business model—a service that handles all marine operations, which is essentially any needs the client company has. For example, some great ocean logistics companies have acted as brokers for clients who were looking to buy a ship or even create their own ship from scratch. One of the main challenges for ocean logistics companies, particularly in transportation services, is to keep their course fast and efficient while still strictly adhering to federal safety regulations.

If you are looking for an excellent ocean logistics company that is reliable in efficiency and compliant with all federal and international safety regulations then Ocean Ship Holdings is your solution. Since 1981, the company has been offering ocean logistics services to multiple clients, including the U.S. Navy Military Sealift Command and the U.S. Maritime Administration. OSH has also worked with major oil companies, ship owners and finance companies from all over the world. For your ocean logistics contact this superior vessel management company.

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