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To the average consumer, ocean logistics seems fairly cut and dry. There's a massive body of water, and one merely needs to get from point A to point B via the most direct route. In truth, ocean logistics is very complex.

Weather and water currents change on a regular basis and some of these changes are seasonal. When the time comes for Hurricane or Typhoon season things can change hourly. An experienced ocean logistics team is a necessity for ensuring rapid and cost-effective transit needs.

Mother Nature is only one concern when dealing with ocean logistics (ocean logistics.). There have been some dramatic changes in the past few years that have nothing to do with weather. The USA has over 360 ports. These ports see roughly six to seven million cargo containers annually. At one time less than five percent of these containers were inspected. Post 9-11 security measures changed how American ports operate. The U.S. Coast Guard estimates the new security measures of America's ports will cost at least seven billion dollars. That's a nearly inconceivable amount of change.

Terror threats have turned many eyes toward America's ports and if your ocean logistics team doesn't understand or comply with these new security measures, then you're paying for it. Time is money when it comes to ocean logistics, and if you have cargo sitting still due to a paperwork foul-up, money is leaving your company by the second.

When you select a team to help you with your ocean logistics needs, it's imperative to make sure that team understands the regulations set forth by U.S. Customs. However, cargo doesn't just come into the USA. Part of ocean logistics is getting cargo out or into other countries. The oceans belong to no one and everyone. Every country has their own regulations and your ocean logistics team needs to understand these. They need to be experienced and qualified personnel.

Some manufacturers have grown weary with trying to keep up with all of the post 9-11 security changes as well as economic trends worldwide. Some companies have found it better to hire a contractor with people who specialize in ocean logistics. One such company is Ocean Ship holdings Inc (OSI). OSI has trained and qualified personnel to assist you with your ocean logistics needs. They pride themselves in maintaining the highest standards in quality and customer service. If keeping up with all of the port changes is causing you headaches, perhaps the people at OSI can help you. If you'd like more information of OSI's services, please contact them at

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