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Quality, Safety & Environmental Policy  

Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Company is to provide marine industry services for our customers in a safe, efficient,  and cost-effective manner with minimal impact on the environment.

Quality and Safety Policy:
• To provide high quality marine industry services to its clients;
• To provide a drug and alcohol free work environment, both ashore and at sea;
• To conduct its operations with due regard to the health and safety of its personnel both at sea and ashore, safety of vessels entrusted to its care, the preservation of a pollution-free environment both at  sea and ashore, and avoidance of damage to property;
• To meet the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 standards and IMO Resolution A.741(18) to provide an international standard for the safe management and operation of vessels and environmental protection;
• To continually improve the effectiveness of the quality, safety and environmental management system; and,
• To operate in compliance with mandatory rules and regulations; and that applicable codes, guidelines, and standards recommended by the Organization, Administrations, classification societies and maritime industry organizations are taken into account.

Environmental Policy:
• To require good environmental practices and awareness of its environmental policies and issues among all company employees;
• To promote the continued development and improvement of best practices and expertise in environmental disciplines in order to provide knowledge related to environmental compliance; to promote practices consistent with environmental protection and pollution prevention; to minimize the negative impact of the company’s operations on the environment, through a process and commitment of continual improvement in environmental performance;
• To implement this policy through a comprehensive plan with measurable goals, targets and objectives, monitoring and analysis of performance against the plan, and periodic reviews to determine necessary improvements and effectiveness of the plan;
• To meet the requirements of ISO 14001:2004 standards,
• To operate in compliance with mandatory rules and regulations;
• To ensure applicable non-mandatory codes, guidelines, and standards recommended by the organization, administrations, classification societies, maritime industry organizations, and customer are taken into account
• To ensure iso standards of documentation are maintained for the ems and a procedure is in place for public access to OSI’s environmental policy.
• To ensure that the company’s environmental policy is communicated to all who work on behalf of the company.

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