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Ship management services are services offered by a company that involve the use of ships in some capacity. These ship management services may be limited to ship management or ship building and repair, though some companies offer their ship management services in a turnkey solution style—meaning they take care of all ship-related services for the client’s convenience.

What sort of tasks can quality ship management services accomplish for clients? Most ship management services specialize in the delivery of bulk liquid products. These materials are potentially hazardous and must be transported using ship management services in a safe way that does not harm the environment, but also remains efficient and cost-effective for the client.

Ship management services may include vessel crewing, maintenance engineering, safety and quality system management, integrated logistics support and property/inventory management. In laymen’s terms this means that great ship management services can build ships as well as convert ships into more efficient models.

Ship management services will also put forth extra effort to ensure crew safety, environmental protection and the protection of transported materials. Ship management services may include leasing and chartering services, including acting as brokers to locate ships for sale. Finally, there is repair and maintenance ship management services, which sees a qualified staff repair vessels and perform necessary maintenance as needed.

One of the most trusted ship management services companies in the country is Ocean Ship Holdings. Ocean Ship Holdings offers all marine management services and is in safety compliance with top organizations such as the American Bureau of Shipping and the US Coast Guard. Ocean Ship Holdings operates from Houston, Texas as it has been since 1981, bringing attentive ship management services to marine engineering and operations. If you are in need of marine services then Ocean Ship Holdings is your safest option.

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