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The ocean is vast and deep. Although beautiful, it's quite dangerous. The weather and waves can make it a precarious place to be. When you're considering a company for your ship management services needs, safety should be at the forefront of your mind. How does this company train their employees? Are they members of recognized trade organizations? Do they keep an eye out for environmental protection?

Ship management services are more than keeping tabs on cargo or planning logistics. There is also a human element to ship management services that needs to be considered. Fleets and vessels are run by humans who brave the cold waters and unforgiving winds of the ocean. You want to make sure your ship management services team not only understand quality and efficiency, but also has an eye for safety.

Ask yourself if your ship management services company (tanker operations.) adheres to the maritime guidelines and codes set out by the ISM (International Safety Management). These professional guidelines strive to ensure safe arrival of crew and cargo. The codes set forth by the ISM do more than just protect the people who are here and now, they call for practices and procedures that will protect the environment. Proper ship management services can help "protect" future generations and ensure that our oceans remain safe for work and play.

The oceans do not belong to any specific government. They belong to the world; as thus, you need to make sure that any company you contact for your ship management services understands and complies with complex international requirements. You need to look for membership with or compliance with the codes set by OCIFM (Oil Companies International Marine Forum), IMO (International Maritime Organization), and SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea). Those groups have set standards of safety that keep in mind the needs of everyone from the consumer to the seaman.

Adherence to ISM guidelines is only one facet of the ship management services that Ocean Ship holdings Inc (OSI) offers. They're ISO compliant, and that means a lot in regards to quality. They can provide ship security and they're compliant with the standards set by the OCIFM, IMO, and SOLAS. OSI trains their shipboard personnel under ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) and STCW (Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping) set by the U.S. Coast Guard. If you'd like to learn more about what OSI does to help protect your fleet, crews, and the oceans please contact them at

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