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When you're looking for a company to assist you with vessel management, you need a company that can offer support via staffing, maintenance, and operations of your fleet. You don't want to trust your vessel management to just anyone. You want a company that's focused on cost-effectiveness as well as safety. Damaged goods do no one any good. Some companies look to vessel management contractors to lease or charter a fleet. When you think about your company's current vessel management contractor, do they offer all of the services you need?

The world of vessel management (tanker operations.) is complex and multi-layered. It includes people-oriented services like crewing and ship security. There're also environmental concerns. When you select a vessel management contractor, you need to make sure they are familiar with and compliant with Classification Society Rules, USCG Sate Flag Registry, OCIFM, IMO, SOLAS, MTSA-ISPS shipboard security, ISM safety regulations and ISO quality standards. That seems like a lot, but your cargo is your livelihood. Your product is important enough to make sure your vessel management contractor is experienced and qualified.

Sometimes companies maintain their own fleets, but need a vessel management contractor to handle certain technical aspects, such as repair and maintenance. This can be something as routine as planned preventative maintenance or a complete vessel overhaul. Dry-docking a vessel isn't easy and it's especially difficult when it has to be handled in a foreign port. Can your vessel management company handle this? When you're considering contracting out your maintenance needs, make sure your contractor is compliant with OSHA regulations, U.S. Coast Guard requirements and American Bureau of Shipping regulations. Perhaps you need support when it comes to building your fleet. Some vessel management companies provide support services in regards to ship design and construction.

If your company owns a fleet, you know that market trends may dictate that you occasionally need additional ships. Owning a ship that spends more time mothballed than in use is a huge waste of money. Some vessel management companies provide charter and leasing services to boost your existing fleet when you need them.

One company that specializes in the myriad of services grouped under vessel management is Ocean Ship holdings Inc (OSI). They have professionals who can help with the detail work of designing and constructing ships to the larger work of oceanic logistics. Not only are they complaint with all of the organizations listed earlier, but they've also earned an ISO quality rating. They're recognized as maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality. If you'd like more information about OSI's services and how they can help your business, please visit:

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